We Are On A Mission To Make a Healthier World

FK was born out of passion to spread love and body knowledge with a singular goal - To keep your mind and body in tip-top shape. It is no secret that consistency is super hard. We made a fun and action-packed personal trainer modules, that even your grandma will dig!

Cool Like Ice Cubes

The founders

Raj Addy


Over 10 years in start ups in industries such as tech, health care, finance and
e-commerce. I went about starting my brands "Bodyband" a functional fitness start up, where marketing and design were the major pillars. Having a BA Honours in Graphics Communications gave birth to the RAP MEDIA with a mission to help brands drive business
out-comes today.

Kajal Gupta


I am a fitness model and a proud creator of FK this very course that you are looking at right now.I fell in love with modelling and training at the age of 18. I started working out when I was 14 to prepare for shoot and stay in top notch shape. As I saw my body develop I knew I wanted to be share my knowledge to other and help them achieve the same.

The cross before the crown is a phrase I try to live by. It's my faith that has allowed me to have the success that I have had. So keep the faith and accept your calling.

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