Science based body transformation course - Be your own personal trainer

Action-packed, beginners to advance hand-hold guide to get you looking in the best shape of your life!


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This course includes

  • 4 hours on-demand video

  • 3 downloadable resources

  • Full lifetime access

  • Access on mobile and TV

  • Certificate of Completion

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What you will learn

Accelerate Muscle Growth with a body weight training program

Complete guide to upper, lower and Core at home

Plan and target workouts for muscle growth and strength training without gym equipment

Learn health and wellness skills developed by fitness model “Kajal Gupta”

Build muscle, confidence and self esteem with expert training tips by fitness model and access to free fitness magazine  


  • A positive mind set and willingness to implement health and wellness practices

  • Ready to take action in order to improve health and fitness


Loose fat and look fantastic for in shot span of time delivered by fitness model Kajal Gupta. No matter what your goals maybe this programmer is designed for all supplement your exiting routine, to make noticeable, meaningful and achievable changes in your body. All at home!

The course covers full body exercises and assumes the students have little to no experience without exercise equipment.

Learn from the best, train with Kajal!

Who this course is for

  • The course is designed for beginners but can be utilised by advanced users seeking top tier training

  • Anyone without gym membership

  • Students seeking to increase muscle and fitness goals this year

  • Students seeking ways to improve vitality, health and wellness

Course Content

Part 1

1.1 About your instructor and why this course exists - In this lecture, you'll meet the instructor, and learn about this course and it's origins.


1.2 Safety first, establishing a baseline, & medical disclaimer - This lecture establishes some safety guidelines, and explains why it's important to do baseline testing.


1.3 Download the PDF syllabus & join the community -
The PDF syllabus is a very important part of this course. This lecture will direct you to download it and save it somewhere handy!

Part 2- Diet

2.1 Eating for fat loss and balanced diet: an endocrine-optimizing diet. The first and probably most important part of our journey is fixing our diet. In this lecture, we dive into the various aspects of an endocrine-optimizing diet.

2.2 A list of foods to avoid completely

In this lecture we discuss some foods to stay away from.

2.3 A list of foods to eat more of

In this lecture we learn about foods that are GREAT for your endocrine system!


2.4 Alcohol: The Faustian Bargain

In this lecture we talk about alcohol, and why it may not be a worthwhile sacrifice from an endocrine health perspective.


2.5 Let’s talk caffeine

We all consume caffeine. But knowing how much - and when - is an important part of endocrine health, as you'll learn in this lecture.

Part 3 - Doing/Exercise

3.1 How to Build A Workout Program

3.2 Whole Body: Mountain Climbers

3.3 Whole Body: Burpee

3.4 Whole Body: Sprint on-the-Spot

3.5 Whole Body: Get Ups

3.6 Upper Body: Chin-Up

3.7 Upper Body: Pull-Up

3.8 Upper Body: Table Body Row

3.9 Upper Body: Push-Up

3.10 Upper Body: Incline Push-Up

3.11 Decline Push-Up

3.12 Upper Body: Pike Push-Up

3.13 Upper Body: Gecko Push-Up

3.14 Upper Body: Bench Dip

3.15 Upper Body: Dip

3.16 Lower Body: Squat

3.17 Lower Body: Pistol Squat

3.18 Lower Body: Lunge

3.19 Lower Body: Lunge Jump

3.20 Lower Body: Glute Bridge

3.21 Lower Body: Single Leg Glute Bridge

3.22 Core: Plank

3.23 Core: RKC Plank

3.24 Core: Plank - Elbows to Hands

3.25 Core: Side Plank Crunch

3.26 Core: Hollow Body Hold

3.27 Core: Crunch

3.28 Core: Air Bike

3.29 Core: Leg Raise

3.30 Core: Bent Leg Raise/Knee Raise

3.31 Core: V-Sit

3.32 Core: Alt V-Sit

3.33 Core: Superman/Dorsal Raise

Kajal Gupta:

Certified Trainer, Fitness model and e-commerce entrepreneur

Hi, I'm Kajal Gupta from Bangalore. I am a fitness model and a proud creator of FK, this very course that you are looking at right now.

I fell in love with modelling and training at the age of 18. I started working out when I was 14 to prepare for shoot and stay in top notch shape. As I saw my body develop I knew I wanted to be share my knowledge to others and help them achieve the same.

After a successful modelling career and I got certified in training others and get them the result I got! I was blessed at a young age to know what I wanted in life. I was able to find my passion in life and make a career out of it. My family and friends have been behind me 100% and I could not do it without them.

The cross before the crown is a phrase I try to live by. It's my faith that has allowed me to have the success that I have had. So keep the faith and accept your calling.


Rs 199

(Shhh...Secret Code Inside)

Made With Love And Copyright owned by FK CREATIONS